Summer with Amazfit

This summer I’ve joined team of Ambassadors at Amazfit Polska !

As professional kiteboarder I manage my lifestyle in the way to stay strong and keep progressing in sport I practise. My daily schedule is always full of activities, my diet is healthy and contains products that support my energy and good health, my work and travelling helps me to be always on the water and kite !

That’s why I am very happy to become Amazfit’s Ambassador, and can use smartwatches that support all fitness activities, keeps datas of my health and regularly shows and reminds me of my goals and achievements.

My choice was smartwatch GTS 2e, in lilac color. And what suprised me the most was how many new possibilities there was! Most important:

  • you can customize watch face, settings, and modules
  • measure all aspects of health and activity, from PAI health assessment system, to all day heart monitoring, blood-oxygen saturation, stress level, sleeping monitoring,
  • 90 built-in sport modes, with watersports too – don’t need to add that it’s waterproof
  • and so much more !!

Check out my kiteboarding sessions powered by Amazfit, no matter if it’s kiteboarding training, competing in kite contest and high performance riding, or other sports like gym, cardio, running or cycle.

All summer during kiteboarding competitions I was setting my watch to track my races and freestyle heats, as well as measure my body, and results !

Enjoy your sessions and see you on the water ! !


Powered by Amazfit

FB: Amazfit Polska

IG: amazfitpoland

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