The QUEEN of HEL 2020 – Ladies Kiteboarding Festival, Chałupy, 22-23.August, 5th edition !

The Queen of Hel 2020 – Ladies Kiteboarding Festival

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What The Queen of Hel is?

The Queen of Hel is a kiteboarding festival and a kite active camp made especially for ladies in every age and on every level !

It’s a full of good feelings, extremely positive event dedicated to woman kiteboarders and those interested in kiteboarding. The purpose is to develop kiteboarding between ladies, promote this sport, popularize, and show it’s simplicity for beginners. It’s a posibility to get to know kite girls from all over Poland, test newest collections of best kiteboarding brands also in ladies editions, as well as woman accessories, or attend fun contests with amazing prizes from our sponsors, in our natural habitat which is the beach.

Who created The Queen of Hel?

It’s created by two ladies-champions and best friends:

  • 3x World Champion Karolina Winkowska
  • Polish Champion Katarzyna Lange

the queen of hel kurs kitesurfing karolina winkowska mistrzyni świata katarzyna lange

What is the main purpose of The Queen of Hel Festival and Kite Active Camp?

The main purpose is to share their kiteboarding experience with all the ladies out there !

As professional kiteboarders, we’re devoted to kiteboarding since we first started, we travel the world for training, contests, gear development, magazines photoshooting etc., we workout daily, progress in tricks, go through harder times and fight to get to the top again. After some time, we understood that we want to build in power and strengthen woman site of kiteboarding, by sharing our experience, gathering all the interested in kitesurfing women and show the all we know !

Since we’ve been through many years of kiteboarding riding, we can use our knowledge to make it easier for other girls that want to start kiteboarding or widen their experience! No girl need to struggle with first steps, or riding with boys only, all you need to do is join us at the Festival !

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What is The Queen of Hel – Ladies Kiteboarding Festival?

It’s a full of amazing activities weekend long festival created to bring all the kite ladies closer to kiteboarding! Whether you’re a total beginner or a riding lady, we will show you how to improve, gain more experience and fun from kiteboarding ! We’ll make sure you’ll much more involved, and share multiply fun acitvities with kiteboarding competitions too !

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What is The Queen of Hel – Kite Active Camp?

It’s a 5 day camp at one of the most interesting campsites, provided with full day activities including kiteboarding lessons (beginner and advanced pro camp), morning yoga, afternoon seminar and consultations, substitute boardsport activities, gifts, contests, together with healthy food and comfortable accomodation.

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Where is The Queen of Hel held?

It takes place in KITE CREW Kite School, at the Hel Peninsula, in Chałupy 6 campsite.

Who is supporting the Festival?

We are lucky to gather many amazing sponsors to those events, thanks to whom both Festival and Kite Active Camp ale one of a kind ! Our sponsors on the last year were:

Kite Crew Kite School, Chałupy 6, HBO GO, Audi City Warszawa, Nobile, Slingshot, Ride Engine, Flyn, Red Bull, Femi Stories, Red Bull Mobile, Colorshake, Acaimania, and many more…

When is the Festival The Queen of Hel happening?

Every year we meet at the pick of the summer, when everyone is full on in kiteboarding season, this years dates are :

  1. 22-23. August – The Queen of Hel – Festival
  2. 19-23. August – The Queen of Hel – Kite Active Camp

How can I sign in ?

All you need to do is go to :

  1. FOR FESTIVAL: go to The Queen of Hel – Festival, and click “FORMULARZ ZGŁOSZENIOWY” (“SIGN IN FORM”)
  2. FOR KITE ACTIVE CAMP: go to The Queen of Hel – Kite Active Camp and click two buttons, 1: “KROK 1-ZALICZKA” (“1-ENTRENCE FEE”), and second button: 2: “KROK 2-FORMULARZ ZGŁOSZENIOWY” (2-SING IN FORM”)

the queen of hel kursy kitesurfingu

How can I contact the organizers?

Email us : – Katarzyna Lange

See you there !! ❤

the queen of hel kursy kitesurfingu (2)


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