Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding

Katarzyna Blanka Lange (Kasia)
Date of birth: 30.11.1986
Home: Wladyslawowo, Poland
Rides since: 2008
Favourite move: blind judge
Best spot: Cauipe- Brazil, Chalupy- Poland
Music: Moloko

The girl from the sea…

My home is 700m from the beach, I used to spend hours in the summer playing with my brother and sister in waves. I was into many sports, but untill I’d tried kitesurfing, I didn’t imagine how fulfilling a sport can be. When I kitesurf, nothing exists. There’s only me, water, sun, wind, salt, sand…  It’s ultimate.

Dream comming true…

When I finished my Master Degree, I was free to follow the dream…! Kitesurfing is my biggest passion, and the best way to live! I’ve become an instructor to teach and ride, managing school, started competing, getting good scores. Then in 2011 I won a title of Vice-Champion of Poland! Standing on a podium next to Karolina Winkowska was pretty cool achievement hahaa

180 degrees…

A lot has changed in 2011… I knew my body needs special training, and care, regular practise, kiterooming, stretching, diet, it all become a part of my life. I started learning what others do to keep shape and avoid injuries. That was an important time in my life, it has shaped my attitude to this sport and way of thinking about the future.


Go bigger, learn more, enjoy every moment on the water, and ride the best I can. Compete in PKRA. Of course I also want to win PKRA but you know… don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to jinx it 😉

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