New kiteboarding year start in Morocco

We were all waiting with excitement for the new season of kiteboarding tour, and now it finally starts!

katarzyna lange kitesurfing (7)

I’m in Morocco, where first eliminations take place, and right after that, the first stop of the tour.

katarzyna lange kitesurfing (3)

Dakhla was pretty windy when I came! Later, once eliminations were about to kick off the wind dropped down and for few days it was light, but it’s back again!

katarzyna lange kitesurfing (11)

The idea of new tour with new name – Virgin Kitesurf World Championships ( VKWC ) is to make two elimination stops only, at the beggining of the tour (Morocco) and in the middle of season (will be announced). Whoever is going to pass the Trials, is in for “half a season” time. The group of riders will not change much during the year because of that.

katarzyna lange kitesurfing (2)

What is easy to notice, is the stress level is higher, but also are riders skills and everyone really wants to enter the Main Event! Now all we need is good conditions to see who’s the best !

I’m very happy to be here, and hope I will perform good enough, to join the Main Event riders!

Competing is hard, but also has a social part, it’s nice to be surrounded by great riders, and friends again.

Today there’s Wave competitions held. Freestyle and Big Air will happen next.

Last days of the Event will be really interesting… !

Keep fingers crossed !

Right after the Event is finished, the Nobile Maroko Pro Camp will take place in Dakhla Attitude Hotel, we hope to learn a lot and have good fun at the camp 🙂

Kasia Lange

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