Kitesurfer girl weekend

What does kitesurfer girl do in the weekend ?

Every morning when I see palms moving I plan my kite session. But to stay motivated, fit and enjoy my life, there’s plenty of other things for body and soul that I do, check my last weekend.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (91)

It’s not all about kiteboarding…

Day of no wind means wakeboarding time…! It’s one of the board sports that gives you another way of riding a board. Also it’s lots of fun when you hit new rail or slider, or start doing new move..

 Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (8)

The park that is close to my place here in Australia – Bli Bli cable park is way bigger than our local cable at home, and provides a nice diversity of obstacles. 3-month membership is around 550$, you can probably find a cable park near your place too, with a membership option if keen.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (7)

Check it out, go few times and give it a try, work on your style and enjoy !! In a while you’ll see how much your kiteboarding improves !

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding(1)

Find time for relaxation…

My mussles have a lot to do during training, and they also need to be treated well. I stretch before putting harness on, but much better for me is yoga. It helps you focus on your body feeling more and find a way to let it rest.

katarzyna lange kiteboarding (3)

Have a pool to jump in? Swimming is a good way to keep my body fit, (for instance I hate jogging), I have few laps, cool down, then go for another round, it stretches me up, and relax.

katarzyna lange kiteboarding

Good shape of the mind is very important too..

katarzyna lange kiteboarding 2

Meet other kitesurfer girls !

Not only during competitions, but especially in free time it’s good to train with other kite chicks!

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (4)

This weekend I was invited by Sunshine Coast Kitesurfing Girls to come and ride with them in Cotton Tree, Maroochydore. It was simply a fun day, with the idea of gathering female riders together, with each leading in different style or trick, all beautiful! And that’s how there was more ladies in the water than men : )

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding(5)

You were all rockin girls, and I had amazing time riding with you… GIRL POWER 😉

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (2)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend !

Special thanks for photographers:  FullReelFilm, Emma O’Brien Photography , Przemek Wójcik.

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