Brazil kiteboarding trip memories…. :)

Last month I’ve left Brazil, after 6 weeks training in the best lagoon in the world – Cauipe, Cumbuco. I had an awesome time there!! I left Poland right when the summer finished, with all my kites and boards packed in a huge quiver. It took me almoust 2 days to get to Fortaleza, but once I arrived in Cumbuco, everything was OK 🙂

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (2)

We had an apartment with beach access, with a view at Fortaleza, so watching the water while having breakfast was already a good motivator for everyday session!

After preparing gear, we would go down to the beach, pump kites and do a downinder to the Cauipe lagoon…

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (4)

For the first month the lagoon was not crowded much, in the mornings was empty, later the day local riders used to come and train too. There was a couple of days I had to go ride on my 5m 50Fifty kite, beacause it was that windy, but on the other hand in the afternoon the wind used to decrease, so I could always continue on 7m, or 9m.  I really enjoyed strong wind training! After season in Poland where my basic kite this summer was a 12m ( !!) I was so happy to kite with smaller sizes…! Everything is more dinamic, full powered, good conditions for progression!

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding - Cauipe Lagoon

After few downinders to the lagoon we decided to rent a buggy, so for the next 5 weeks we were more independent and could always take a camera or a choice of kites. It was greeat time ! We had morning sessions in front of the house and afternoon down the lagoon.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding - Cauipe Lagoon, Brazil

There was many adventures with the buggy though.. it was a masterpiece to drive the buggy, it broke many, many times!! I’ve learnt so much about motor –car engine and presilha- gearbox! 😉 We stayed longer at the lagoon the other day to film sunset session, and once we finished it was already dark, we managed to drive only few hundred meters on the dunes and the presilha was gone, no gears, u could turn the stick everywhere, with no results. There was nobody left at the lagoon, as well nobody passing dunes at night.. Finally we’ve noticed car lights, so we stopped a local guy, who called a buggy-taxi to pull our buggy, and he waited the whole time with us till the taxi arrived, it was very nice of him.For many years being in Brazil we could always count on Brazilians, they are very nice and friendly nation, we should remember to respect them.

Brazil Kiteboarding

This year in Brazil I enjoyed each training more because of riding bindings. It was a great upgrade and now after few months kiteboarding only in boots, I think I should have switched earlier, but I couldn’t know that until I tried. The period in Cumbuco wasn’t dedicated for expanding my tricks numbers, I did progress in that too, but mainly my goal was to execute my tricks stronger, and more powerful.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding - Cauipe Lagoon, Brazil

It was also inspiring time. On one side my crew made of Przemek Wójcik – a great rider and my trainer, Krzysiu Issel – young Polish rider/competitor, Denis Zurik- Polish Champion and good friends from home spot – Łukasz, Marek, Mateusz, and Jacek made is clear that performance must be stylish and pushed on that side, on the other side so many good riders at the lagoon had inspired me many times to go for more, extend limits, and try new moves 🙂 Great watching my team mates Eudazio Da Silva, and Carlos Madson (the second wasn’t present most of the time unfortunately), as well as new Brazilian Champion Carlos Mario, and top riders from PKRA during their practises. Not many girls this year in Cauipe, apart from local Dioneira, short stayof Asia Litwin, Gisela and Paula, September and October was full of male riders – come on girls!

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (6)

Eeach day was quite similar, I tried not to train everyday, take a brake 1-2 a week, but I had so much power and energy I could stay kiteboarding effectively twice a day for up to 2hours each. Everyday training in Cauipe was always supported with variety of fruits for breakfast and bowl of Açaí in the evening, every restaurant serves it in different way, all good for me 😉

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding (7)  ???????????????????????????????

But everything what’s good ends quickly… I’ll be back next year! Greetings from Australia 😉

Video still in progress….Check the Photo Gallery…



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