PKRA Marsala 2013 – my first World Cup event !

I’ve been competing for a while in Poland, but keeping my place of Vice-Champion is not enough, so I finally decided to go bigger !! 🙂

PKRA Marsala was my first stop of the World Cup that I attended and it was an amazing experience!

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding

I haven’t been kiting in Italy before, and I was surprised how nice it was in Sicily! The competitions took place in Marsala, the spot was a bay surrounded by rocky islands so the water was superb flat, and very shallow, sometimes dangerously shallow, but the competition zone was quite OK.

Bez tytułu

Many riders showed up, so right after registration Trials were announced. There was 18 women for 12 spots, I had two heats, and I need to admit that my first heat wasn’t remarkable, as I didn’t land some of my tricks, and probably I was a bit nervous competing first time in PKRA, with a threat of loosing opportunity to compete with the best girls, but in my second heat I felt way better, knowing that it’s nothing but riding, only in front of 5 judges 😉 And I succeded to be the first of the second heat – what gave me space in the Main Event.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding

Not for the first time there was more Polish girls competing, which shows how Poland rocks in kitesurfing 🙂 I’ve stayed in appartment with Karolina Winkowska, we were training and preparing together, Karolina was very supportive, and I’m glad we have such an amazing rider, that’s also a number 1 in the world !!


During the whole week there was around 5 days that I could ride mostly on my 12m 50Fifty kite,  but at least I could train between comps.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding

In the main event I’ve met again Annabel from my first heat, she’s a good rider from Aruba, and I didn’t pass the heat. All is not lost, as I could do better during single elimination! We’ve been waiting all day for singles, unfortunately the wind dropped down just before the finals . The last day – Sunday, was very sunny but with no chance for wind, so the competitions finished in the afternoon, closing the great week I had at Sicily.

Katarzyna Lange Kiteboarding

I really enjoyed the time, especially I appreciate watching performance of the best riders in the world! What a friend of mine said today is that when you’re at PKRA you learnt more than ever, and it’s 100% true, right after my heat, being inspired by riders, I went out riding and learnt some new grabs during my old tricks 😉

Congratulations to all riders!!

Check out videos (to open simply click the window below) :

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