I ride with Nobile Kiteboarding!

I am a rider of  NOBILE KITEBOARDING !


Nobile Kiteboarding Kasia Lange

Good news !!  This year I will ride with NOBILE kites ! I’ve already had opportunity to test them during Nobile trip to Paros (Greece) at the beginning of May, and am stoked how good they are ! Just after comming back from Greece, the first stop of Ford Kite Cup – Polish National Cup – started, and I was already using my new kites – 50FIFTY 🙂

Nobile_Paros_Session_2 Kasia Lange013_DSC7184
What’s so cool about them is that whenever I ride, there’s a rainbow in front of me, and it makes me smile 🙂

Katarzyna Lange Nobile

So here it is – my new set of 50FIFTY kites !!

Katarzyna Lange Nobile Kiteboarding (2)

This is going to be fantastic year, with such a support I can do even more I expect ! 🙂 Keep fingers crossed for my first PKRA event in Marsala, Sicily next month!

Find out more about NOBILE  at www.nobilekiteboarding.com


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