Surfers paradise – Australia


I’m in Australia now, since december 2012. Never had such a long flight… Departing from Fortaleza (Brazil) I went to Recife (Brazil), Frankfurt (Germany), Gdańsk (Poland),3 days off for re-packing, back to Frankfurt , Taipei (Taiwan), and finally Brisbane AUSTRALIA!!


My main place was Sunshine Coast. Local kitesurfer and an owner of a kite school Mike Walker helped us find a house and a car, and showed around,  what I liked the most at first was a surfing spot in Moffat Beach. I will surf more, I thought 🙂

For last few months I had great sessions around Sunshine Coast, in Gold Coast and Double Island. There’s many rivers with flat water like Cotton Trees or Happy Valley, as well as lagoons in Double Island or Golden Beach, and good waves with point brakes in many places.

Kitesurfing here is great !! It’s windy around 70% days, I’m training mostly with Przemek Wójcik, Andy Yates and some local young riders, who progress quickly next to Andy ! Andy is back in game and prepares himself well after a brake.

In the last 30% days I surf, wakeboard, longboard, and do yoga, or SUP yoga 🙂

My favourite place for surfing is Moffat Beach and Byron Bay – so regular waves with big ones deeper in rock area, and smaller in the front gives you easy way to learn and choose waves of a level you need.

If there’s no swell, 20min from where I stay, in Bla Bla is a sick wake park, with variety of obstacles. I’ve been there few times and I really want to do more!

The landscape is full of hills, so there’s plenty of spots for longboarding, and if I’m bored or the street is to busy, I simply jump into the car and go to another place:) You can see many kids longboarding to the beach with a surfboard, or just taking a cruise after school, it’s wicked !

I really enjoy the time here and feel already like a part of it !

Australia is amazing, people are friendly, very laid back and straightforward, I’m already planning to come back here at the and of the year:)

More info from AU soon…:)


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