Brazil Cumbuco

Right after the season in Poland was over, I flew to Brazil for my favourite annual training. To Cumbuco – the place where I’ve been few times, but never spent more that couple of days. This time we’ve decided to stay here, and get known the place better.

katarzyna lange kiteboarding (2)

First – accommodation – no more hotels, we’ve rented a flat in the center of Cumbuco, close to Praça (main square) and beach, with friendly brasilian neighbours. Seeing their everyday life was a great experience…That was very good lesson of portugease language too:)

Spots – I’ve  really enjoyed the variety of spots – busy Cauipe, quiet Tabuba and good waves during downwinders to/from lagoon. It’s so easy to progress when everything helps you: perfect wind, flat water, high level of riders around you.. I’ve spent nice time riding with Przemek Wójcik, Denis Żurik, Paweł Kiczka and Asia Litwin which gave me different views and new possibilities. Thanks a lot guys!:)

I had an awesome time and did a nice progress. My riding is way better than it was, the wind was good everyday, I’ve  started to train for 4hrs everyday effectively, divided in two sessions, and could always chill out in the evening, gathering power for tomorrow… This is how it should be…

Check my movie from Cumbuco in VIDEOS

If you like the article, and want to join us for Brazil Kite Camp to learn kiteboarding, here is the contact:

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