KTA and phở gà in Vietnam :)

In spring I’ve decided to go to Asia for couple of months. I heard a lot about Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines and wanted to live a  bit in asian country and because there was a contest of KTA in Mui Ne, Vietnam, I picked that as my destination.

katarzyna-lange-kitesurfing-wietnam-7.jpg w=1000

The KTA competition began on the second day after my arrival, so I had no time to check new spot and see how it’s like here. But as it turned out there was no waind for first couple of days. It was great to see some familiar faces around at the registration, as Helena Brochocka and Marek Rowinski competed too.
There was a good poker night and party next day, but everyone’s been waiting for wind…
Finally on the third day the wind came. One of my first hits was with Ali, she did some nice moves, I did well too, I thought it was a very good hit of mine and I finished very happy, but judges decided something else, and Ali won the hit. Unfortunately I could do nothing more, only wait for double elimination. In the meantime the wind picked up, and at the end of the dayorganizers announced that a Big Air contest will take part now, and I took my 9m kite and had a couple of high jumps, to finish on a podium as third.

Unfortunately there was no more wind any other day, and I had no chance to fight for better position in Freestyle. Anyway it was a great experience, I’ve learnt a lot about competitions abroad, and I was satisfied with the Big Air result.

A closing ceremony was amazing! Taking place in private hotel beach area, with fire on the beach, chill-out brazilazy puffs, elegant audience zone, local organizers speech (in vietnamese with translations), and a nice awards from sponsors.

When the contest was over, I could finally ride more, as the wind started blowing. For the next 10 weeks it was windy every second week , with wind speed around 20-25knts.

We’re rented a house, and shared it with friend. I was cool, we played poker, had some longboarding, or surfing sessions and hanged out in Mui Ne, but sometimes it was hard to focus on training, so we’ve established one rule: windy day, was a holy day – dedicated only to riding.

But what’s great about Vietnam is the cousine… ! I love these little soups (phở) and all type of Thai food from Bamboo Bamboo Restaurant, which was only 200m from our house and we dined there a lot 🙂 But not only, it’s worth to visit Lam Tong – very cheap, traditional restaurant, with good choise of vietnamese meals, Goat Barbeque – a place on the way to Mui Ne old town center, with original option of self-made goat meat spring rolls on a little barbeque that is brought to your table. Also there’s a great variety of seafood restaurants, that are set along the beach pathway one by one,  you will easily notice them with those little seafood aquariums that contains prawns, scallops, snales, fish, squid and more, for 2-15$ dollars a portion!

I’ve stayed and hepled a bit as an kite instructor in C2Sky Kite Center, very good school with nice owners – Jeff and Liz – awesome service and good way of teaching. I definitely recommend that place !!

If you’re thinking about going to Vietnam and start learning kitesurfing, we do organized trips to Vietnam including kitesurfing lessons.

Jeśli zastanawiasz się nad wyjazdem do Wietnamu, żeby nauczyć się pływać na kitesurfingu, organizujemy wycieczki/wyjazdy do Wietnamu i kursy kitesurfingowe na miejscu. Wietnam to świetne miejsce do nauki kitesurfingu, w tym pięknym, orientalnym kraju sezon wiatrowy trwa mniej więcej od listopada do kwietnia a ciepła woda uprzyjemnia naukę kite’a.

More Photos here

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